Udall Public Library Policies

This is general information on our policies… for more information, please contact the library at 620-782-3435.

* To check out books, magazines, games, etc. and to use a computer, you must have a library card which you can get at our library.

* The check out period is 2 weeks. Books can get an extension of 2 more weeks if you contact the library and are granted an extension.

*Minors: Minors that are 6 and under MUST be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 12 when in the library.

*Movies and Video games: Children must have permission to check out movies and videos that are rated higher than their ages. Parents can give permission only on their children’s library card application or by coming in to add additional categories.

*Conduct: While in the library, we expect patrons to be respectful to people and property. If anyone is found to be behaving unacceptably, he or she may be asked to leave, depending on the severity.

*Computers: There is a 1 hour limit per patron per day (unless no one else needs it). We DO NOT act in the place of parents and do not have authority to take responsibility for children. When using the computers, you are NOT allowed to modify anything on our computers, break any laws, look at anything obscene (by the state of Kansas’s definition) or look at child pornography.

*Conference room: To use the conference room, click on the conference room tab at the top of this page and fill out the appropriate information or call the library (620-782-3435) to schedule the date and find out the requirements to use it. Currently, it can only be used during library hours. Remember to leave it as clean or cleaner than what you found it!